Organisations At The Edge

8 & 9 December 2017, Thun, Switzerland

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Today’s organizations, businesses and society as a whole are in the beginning of a big transition. The world is much more connected so everything effects everything else. That means work is moving faster and is much harder to predict. Organizational models created in the industrial age are making it harder for people and companies to succeed. The way we’re working isn’t working anymore and we need to find new ways.

TealCamp is a participant-driven event for learning about and exploring and experiencing new ways of working, organizing and collaborating.

Unconference Program

1st day – 8 Dec.

program coming soon

2nd day – 9 Dec.

You are all Co-Creators of the Teal camp event – everyone is invited to bring in burning questions or workshop topics and host a session. There are as well two spaces available for moving practices.
There are place for other workshop idea that the one mentioned below You can bring your idea at the unconference where we will plan each day. You can hold your session in German, French or English.

Offered Workshops up to date:

  • –>> we are ready to place your workshop topic here <<--

Example of workshop topics of last year:

  • Introduction to Teal paradigms and aspects
  • What is Holacracy? And exercise it with a meeting simulation
  • The power of mindful leadership
  • Generation Y and 21 century organizational cultures and careers
  • How do we make decisions?
  • Collaborative Investment
  • Co-creation of the Purpose of your business/our working group
  • An introduction to Coherence www.enter-coherence.com
  • Why TEAL leadership is so essential in the digital age
  • Wholeness in organisations – How you love to work
  • Problem-solving logic as the basis of inclusive discourse
  • Teal and Agile
  • Working in the Gift Economy
  • Teals organizations: how software can help?
  • How to Work, Earn, and Live For Purpose
  • A Development Game for Change that includes the change into self-organized team/organizations
  • Organizationality Card Game
  • Leadership for Transition (LiFT) project and the Collaboratory method
  • How can you give a sense of security to you team while shifting to a new organizational paradigm?
  • Holacracy <-> Swiss Culture & Values: Enabling or Disabling?
  • Dialogue around future of work with research support materials
  • Strategic Improvisation – a fascinating mode for future organization

We have secured an amazing location right next to river Aare and the pittoresque old-town of Thun.


Price & Registration

Information about price and registration will be published soon.

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Help us reduce the cost

You can help! The event is finance on a Pay What Feels Right model. This is how you can support us to reduce the cost per participant and to improve transparency to participants:

  • Propose possible sponsors to us! Put us in touch with organizations that you think could be interested in contributing! Please send us an email to info@responsiveorg.ch.
  • Register as early as possible so that we get as much visibility as possible early on.
  • Invite your friends and people you think might be interested in joining us!
  • In case you had registered but then need to cancel after all, please let us know asap.
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