TealCamp 2019

Empowering the Teal movement
9 – 12 October 2019, Davos

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We believe in the emergence of a new paradigm that will transform leadership and the structure of organizations, business and society as a whole.
We believe “it’s time to meet”, to (re-)connect with the teal movement, the community and ourselves.

Dig into purpose

We are inviting you in with your firsthand experiences, stories and real challenges! All this at the intersection of old and new paradigms. The time is right for unreasonable ideas, unlikely alliances, and a hint of magic. The quality of TealCamp is space itself. It is the richness in people and group experience.

Save the date October 9-12, 2019

We are preparing for an experience with a lot of potentials to tap into the unknown and mutual inspiration. We offer a light and self-organized TealCamp structure that can hold and propel both dimensions.

This is how the program will unfold

Oct 9 – Tune-in Day:
Starting the day with a collective check-in, leaving the rest of the day open to be self-organized by you and your colleagues.
Here is what you could do: Use the space to work or be together – to be fully ready and connected for diving into TealCamp. Maybe you would like to go hiking, start a group conversation or treat yourself with some quiet time in the mountains.

Oct 10 – Teal-formation Day:
Starting the day with a collective check-in, open the space for session offerings about Teal theories, practices, knowledge and concepts.
If you have knowledge and experience about Teal Practices and you might want to bring this forward to the TealCamp group, you can benefit from this day as a session holder. If you want to learn, dive deeper and discuss Teal, you can join this day as a participant.

Oct 11-12 – TealCamp:
Two days of unconference based on a practical and simple structure of facilitation that allows for the emergence of experiences, spontaneous creation, unlikely connections, knowledge sharing, quality, freedom and movement.

There will be 2 types of tickets available for purchase soon:
4 days full TealCamp experience (Pre-Camp Oct 9+10 & TealCamp unconference Oct 11+12)
2 days TealCamp unconference (11+12 Oct)


Promenade 40, 2nd floor, 7270 Davos

Accommodation: Davos offers a multitude of accommodation options and as it´s the end of the season, accommodation will be quite affordable. In order to give us more opportunities to gather as a community, we will negotiate a very special deal with a hotel in walking distance from the venue. More information on this very soon!

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