TealCamp 2017

Organisations At The Edge:
A two-day event to co-create, reflect about and prototype new ways of working and organizing.

8 & 9 December 2017
Thun, Switzerland

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Organizations at the edge – What is needed for a safe transition to the next paradigm of working and organizing?

We have reached a breaking point today.

Most organizations struggle to keep up with the increased pace of change and the rapidly evolving customer and employee needs. This is not a problem of some executives to figure out: we are all influenced by organizations on many levels. And at the same time we are all influencers who have the opportunity to affect change.

TealCamp is a participant-driven event for learning about and exploring and experiencing new ways of working, organizing and collaborating.

Un-Conference Program

TealCamp is not your typical conference where participants passively consume. This is a Participant-driven un-conference. We are using elements from from formats such as barcamp, open space and others to create a space where every participant is also a co-creater.

Program for day 1 – December 8, Friday

08.30  Registration & Welcome Coffee
09.30  Official Start
09.30  Warm up, Intro Teal Paradigm & Organisations at the edge
10.30  Collecting workshop topics
11.00  Break and 1st workshop sessions
12.45  Lunch
14.00  Re-connect
14.30  2nd workshop sessions
16.00  Break
16.30  Plenary session
17.30  3rd workshop sessions
18.45  Wrap up & Closing

19.15  Bar & Drinks Voluntary Dinner

Program for day 2 – December 9, Saturday

08.30  Welcome Coffee
09.00  Official Start
09.00  Welcome, Orientation & Intro
09.30  Inspirational Storytelling
10.30  Break
11.00  Collecting topics & 1st Workshop session
12.45  Lunch
14.00  Re-connect & Plenary session
14.30  2nd workshop sessions
16.00  Harvesting
16.30  Closing

17.00  Official End

Examples of some of last year’s workshop topics

Introduction to Teal paradigms and aspects
What is Holacracy? And exercise it with a meeting simulation.
Generation Y and 21 century organizational cultures and careers
How do we make decisions?
Co-creation of the Purpose of your business/our working group
Why TEAL leadership is so essential in the digital age
Wholeness in organisations – How you love to work
Teals organizations: how can software help?
How can you give a sense of security to you team while shifting to a new organizational paradigm?
Strategic Improvisation – a fascinating mode for future organization


We have secured an amazing location right next to river Aare and the pittoresque old-town of Thun.



The event will be financed on a “Pay-What-Feels-Right” basis, combined with a non-refundable registration fee.

The current recommended contribution is: CHF 450 per participant. This number is merely a rough reference and states how much you would have to contribute if you wanted to cover all costs incurred per participant. Thus, anyone who pays more is willing to subsidise another participant who pays less.

It will be updated here on the webpage regularly. The more registrations we have and the more sponsors we find, the lower the recommended contribution will be.

The ticket price includes contributing to and active participation in the sessions on day 1 and 2, coffee-breaks, lunch buffet, all-day coffee/tea and water for both days. Other drinks and dinner on day 1 are not included.

Upon registration, a registration fee of CHF 90 applies which is non-refundable in case you will need to cancel at a later stage. You can, however, transfer your registration to another person if you cannot make it after all.

Net of the registration fee, the remaining recommended contribution is thus currently CHF 360 per participant.

To ensure a great event in Halle 6, the number of participants is capped at 110.


Support the Event

You can help! The event is finance on a Pay What Feels Right model. This is how you can support us to reduce the cost per participant and to improve transparency to participants:

Register as early as possible

This helps us plan ahead and gain visibility as early as possible.

Propose possible sponsors to us!

Put us in touch with organizations that you think could be interested in contributing! Please send us an email to info@responsiveorg.ch.

Spread the word and bring your friends
Share the event on social media and and tell your friends and coworkers about it.

Tell others about TealCamp


You can also support the event by making a donation.